Ensure the Right Tyre for your Toyota with our Body Lift Kits

For the off road traveller, Australia has it all: luscious plains, vibrant rainforests, ragged mountain ranges and breathtaking peaks. To explore it all, not only will you need to be willing, to be focused, you will need the right equipment to overcome the terrain. Boasting beauty from all corners, Australia can be pretty, but it is also unforgiving. Choose the wrong equipment and not only can a holiday be spoiled, but you’ll miss the opportunity to experience something truly amazing.


Wherever life takes you off road, you’ll want to be confident behind the wheel knowing you can take on what the nature throws at you. Here at BBK Off Road, we ensure that confidence with our range of high quality 4WD essentials for Aussie adventurers. We’re all about the tough stuff, the products that will keep you grounded and keep you travelling with ease. We’ve placed all of the essentials in one place, making it easy for you to get what you need for your next adventure. One of those essentials are our body lift kits.


Body lift kits are essential for drivers looking to change to a larger tyre. Giving you up to 2’’ height, the body of your truck is effectively lifted from the chassis, enabling you to safely use larger wheels. Kits can be purchased easily online, however we do recommend that buyers have their kits properly installed by a professional to ensure the best results.


Kits for Toyota models

BBK Off Road offers body lift kits for a range of Toyota vehicles including the Toyota Hilux and 4Runner. We know how much you treasure your vehicle, so we ensure all the products we sell are of the highest quality, ready to offer you years of good use. Our body lift kits are no different. Made from high quality and extremely durable nylon, these are built to last. You can also rest easy knowing they aren’t going increase the noise and vibration you experience while on the road.


Take a look at the products available and place your desired item in the cart. If you require further information before committing to a purchase, simply get in touch today by sending an email to or complete our online form and we will get back to you.