Factor 55 Products




Here at BBK Off Road we are excited to be offering the Factor55 products for our Australian customers. 


The latest from Factor55 is the Ultra hook! This is a must have for every 4X4 fitted with a winch. Not only does it look extremely tuff hanging off the bull bar/winch bar it has to be the safest winch hook available in the world. It has a closed system shackle mount hole which has been machined into the body. It also has a second clear throat opening which features a safety pin thats stored in the body of the hook. 


The finger grip pads on both sides of the Ultra Hook are designed to make (hooking up) easy. These pads are made of a Synthetic rubber (EPDM) and the design allows the Ultra Hook to be stored against your fairlead protecting either your hawse or roller style fairlead from a metal on metal connection. This is not a cheap quality product. These factor55 products are extremely well made items. These hooks will impress the fussiest of people!