Body Lift Kits for Your Ford

When the terrain is tough and the journey is long, you’ll want to know you are using the very best for your vehicle. This is especially the case for Australian travellers, where a driver can experience slick wet roads, rocky inclines and loose gravel all in one day. When you are passionate about getting off the beaten track and taking your adventure off road, BBK Off Road is there to ensure safety and enjoyment at every moment spent behind the wheel.


At BBK Off Road, we have experienced the wonder that is waiting at the end of the toughest tracks, we also know that to get to your destination you’ll need a vehicle that can handle the tough stuff. Eager to help our fellow adventurers, we have collated a wide range of 4WD essentials that are of the highest quality – and our body lift kits are no exception.


Why body lift kits are so essential

Any off roader will tell you how important it is to have the right tyre while venturing. After all, these are what keep you on track and get you over those hills through muddy ditches and past those plains. Body lift kits for your Ford Ranger or Maverick Wagon will ensure you can fit your vehicle with the tyres you need to get the job done. How do they work? When installed correctly (we recommend profession installation) your truck’s body can get up to 2’’ lift off of it chassis, giving you the clearance you need for those bigger tyres.


Why purchase with us?

Passionate about off-roading, you know we wouldn’t back something that couldn’t deliver. The kits are made using high grade nylon which is extremely durable. The products also ensure more lift without compromising the noise and vibration cancellation you are used to.


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