V-band Exhaust Clamp Kit

V-band Exhaust Clamp Kit

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▪ Ideal for applications requiring  frequent access for cleaning.
▪ Weight saving and improved apperance.
▪ Provides additional strength by absorbing circumferential load.

2.5" 304 Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp & 304 Stainless steel flanges.
Self Aligning male/female clamps.

V-Band clamps can be used to hold almost any flanged joints together, from light duty to the most demanding purpose. These clamps are available in a wide range of material for any application that requires to be leak free.

"A positive attachment retention system"

As torque is applied to the nut of the coupling, the retainer applies a uniform and equal closing force around the entire circumference of the flange during and after tightening.

When compared to 2 or 3 bolt flanges, the V-Band clamp are lighter, quicker and easier to take apart. In most cases the V-Band clamp are economical when you consider the cost of time in installation and reassembly.